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Where Did All The Model Docs Go?

We all experience the frustration or agony of having to either amend a plan document or start from scratch, or, worse off, search for something that you find, in the end, either doesn't exist or if it does, it's more work to tailor or customize it to your specific scenario. What are our options? It's generally consists of either calling your benefits/HR attorney (i.e., expensive) or ask your broker (can they do it or will it be done at an add-on expense) or, worse, "Google" it! It can easily feel like your heading down a long, empty road ...... to nothing.

Now, imagine a scenario where you are asked "what do you want to create today?" and you can easily select between 100's of documents related to HR, ERISA and benefits. Then, imagine being able to have your company or client information automatically populated into a plan document or policy or COBRA letter/notice, for example. Afterwards, imagine you being able to fill out the document without the expense or worry of your advisor or attorney, but merely through answering "easy to use" and and "simple to understand" prompts and selections to create that customized and tailor document. Better yet, it's only 20 minutes later and you have now crossed off your "to do" item for the day and can spend the rest of the day strategizing or take that long-overdue 2-hour lunch with your best friend! It's like Christmas all over again...seriously!

Yes, life can be a bit more simple, with easy solutions for you and your benefits, HR and ERISA needs. Best of all, HR Cubed is here to make it just that! Get ready...the future is closer than you expect!

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