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Ready for all your documents to be in one place?  How about the ability to get the actual document you need right away, with a click of a few buttons?  Need a new or updated handbook or HIPAA policy and procedure?  Looking to update your SPDs or enrollment material?  Or, maybe you want to make sure you are providing every notice and document that the IRS, DOL, and ERISA require?  HR Cubed's platform has all of your documentation needs.  From state-by-state leave laws to QDRO and QMCSO Policies, you have access to it all with a simple subscription to HR Cubed's platform.  These documents can be customized and tailored to your situation - all while you rest peacefully knowing your required documents are up to date.  Customized documentation is provided in the following areas, to name a few: 

  • ACA Documents & Compliance Materials/Notices

  • Handbook (including all 50 states)

  • WRAP Plan

  • 125 Plan

  • Dependent Care FSA

  • HRA Plans

  • HSAs

  • Leave and FMLA Policies

  • Health/Welfare Documentation & Reporting

  • HIPAA Training Materials & Documentation

  • DFVCP and VCP Applications

  • IRS Determination Letters

  • Compliance Checklist

  • QDRO Procedure & Policy

  • QMCSO Procedure & Policy

  • Summary Plan Documents

  • Summary of Material Modifications

  • Summary of Benefits & Coverages

  • Summary Annual Report

  • CHIPRA Notice

  • COBRA Notices (All Six Notices)

  • FMLA Documentation

  • GINA

  • ADA Compliance

  • HR Onboarding Documentation

  • 401k Plan Documents, Notices, and Election Forms

  • Pension Plan Documents & Notices

  • 403(b) Documentation & Notices

  • 457 Documentation & Notices



HR Cubed's Compliance Answer Assistant provides decision-tree solutions to help you find the answer you need - fast.  From the ACA to how Medicare and HSA/HDHP work together, and FMLA and COBRA, whatever your question may be, the decision-tree tool will help you find the answer to your question.  It will also incorporate your profile into the solution and help you determine if there are any documents or materials you need to help fulfill your obligation based on the compliance answer you found through our decision-tree platform.  Yes, we know this awesome.  However, we love the fact that you just saved a ton of money and freed up your time to handle the more significant issues and concerns for your company.  

Simple Document Solutions
Simple. Compliance.
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